New Handcrafted figurines made of Natural Gemstones Lucky Wealth excelling "Jade" are available

Terms & Conditions

Do we sell bulk?
Yes we do deal whole sale.
Are the goods returnable?
Goods can be thought about well before placing an order, as these are handicrafts & healing stones that are always sold 1st hand. They are valued as carriers of fine level of energy which is said to unite with the aura of the individual who uses the Creative crafts in Crystal & Mineral. So we do not wish to pass on the returned goods as tried or used to any other clients as each one of our viewers are special to us. We respect & value all those who visit us. As we wish to deliver all our clients undisturbed highest level of energy the stone can give. So we do not encourage returns unless we have delivered a products whichwas not ordered by the client.
Do we deliver to a long distance destination?
Yes we do for the destination to South American Countries or Australia we will give you a spl. attention quote as per the weight after packaging & decision on the mode of transportation.
Do we do sales promotions?
Yes we encourage to make our sales so that the crafts men can make a quick Living.