New Handcrafted figurines made of Natural Gemstones Lucky Wealth excelling "Jade" are available


32,379.00 25,000.00

  • Name: Tibetan Turquoise 

  • Sku: T001p 

  • Color: Natural Green with zebra strips or the green of Mallow 
  • Semiprecious stone :  quartz (natural)
  • Lt x Ht x wt / irregular shape natural
  • Zodiac: n/a
  • Metal : German silver
  • Wt in gms : 129cts approx

  • Metaphysical effects: assists with finding a path in life and making decisions for the highest goods. Its a genuine companion towards release the chronic behavious like stubbornness, forgiveness and love. Brings in the range of intuitive messages.