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Shivlingam with sriyantra in Cats eye


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Name: Shivlingam with Sriyantra in cats eye

Sku: code100

Color: Cane juice color shades of green to white 

Shape: Sriyantra a spl.Pyramid formation a secret Hindu meditation shape.Used for healing karma and manifestation..

Size : 2.5" x 2" sriyantra / 1.75 x 1.76 ht shivalingam 

Metaphysical properties: Sriyantra the most power full Pyramid power refers to alleged paranormal properties of the ancient Hindu traditions and objects of similar shape. With this power, model pyramids are said to preserve foods,sharpen or maintain the sharpness of razor blades, improve health.The art of menifestation and the creative field of co creation is expressed by Shakti sadhana of Sriyantra. While the Shiva sadhana is conducted over the Shivlingam.These two methods of meditation or Sadhana are coupled with one an other.