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Ruby Zoisite Radha Krishna Temple


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BEST Radha krishna Temple!

Treasurable artifact !  

  • Name: Ruby & Zoisite Radha Krishna Temple(The stones are natural Ruby with a combination  of Zoisite the Green, the statue is handcrafted one of its kind)
  • SKU:Ruby Zoisite RKTemple2035
  •  Concept: Hand crafted artifact is there as Gifting solution for someone who you wish to give a treasure! Radha- Krishna jugal jodi worshiped as the Lord of Strength & righteousness at the same time one who takes on to a Spiritual side of Life talks about the law of Karma. Ruby is a great solution for the ones looking forward to Gifting a Wedding occasion or placing on the metal as a reminder of the karma theory that Hindu philosophy believes in.
  • Color: Red RubyRadha Krishnaje in Red corundum / Red Ruby with Green  Natural Zoisite mineral rock.
  • Semiprecious stone :   Precious Ruby & Zoisite (natural)
  • Size: H 11.5 cm x W 9cm x D 2.5cm
  • Net Wt in cts : 2035 CTS approx Most valuable size
  • You get : Beautiful handcrafted and traditional Temple of Ganesha. 
  • Metal : N/A
  • Stone: Ruby Zoisite 
  • Metaphysical effects: beliefs in  Ruby in Zoisite is specially for people with stress conditions calms a racing heartbeat while maintaining the body’s equilibrium, especially during times of stress. It relieves inflammation and promotes strength in the immune system, heart, and lungs. Ruby in Zoisite can help heal problems associated with the reproductive organs and increase fertility, both in case of men and women. It is most helpful after a miscarriage or hysterectomy so good for those with a new start up in Life.
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