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Himalayan Salt Lamp for Aura purification

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  • Name:HIMALAYAN SALT LAMP for Aura purification  for Aura purification
  • SKU: Salt Lamp Rock 1

  •  Concept: Salt has forever been an important part of peoples existence flavouring traditions habits and taste. Not just this salt has been referred to human health, symbolising friendship and sincerity in cultures as well. Some traditions use salt as an immortal and incorruptible signature.
  • Color: Fiery when blown otherwise soft natural pink color like Rose quartz. The viewers are requested to note that the picture may very slightly in size and color as we are constantly in sales of the natural Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp a variation in naturally mined lumps is a possibility but this should not effect the area of air cure the lamp is supposed to provide.

  • Semiprecious stone :   Himalayan Rock Salt (natural)
  • Size: 4to5 kg for side table in bedroom 
  • Net Wt in cts :4 to 5 kg  approx
  • You get : Beautiful natural Himalayan Rock salt crystal with handcrafted base made into a practical usable Lamp
  • Science: Why Himalayan Salt Lamp work?

    ·         The air around the lamp is allergen free, enabling the immune system to strengthen and balance out. Rock salt released penetrates deep into the bronchial tubes and absorbs mucus from swollen mucus membranes.

    ·         Thick mucus becomes thinner and is released more easily. The airways expand which eases breathing, inhalation and exhalation. This allows for deeper and improved sleeping!

    · Himalayan salt lamp releases negative ions, balances the electricity in the air and neutralizes negativity therefore recommended for using in rooms in which there are computers or other electrical devices.

    ·         Asthma, allergy symptoms, ear infections, cough (including smoking), sinusitis and rhinitis, bronchial diseases, runny nose, snoring and sleep problems, may be helped with the use of a Himalayan salt lamp.