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Graduated Ruby Necklace


  • Name: Ruby beads round

  • SKU: Ruby natural JMR1 p
  •  Concept: Handmade Jap Mala used by Srividya followers 
  • Color: Red Ruby Ganesha in Red corundum / Red Ruby with Green  Natural Zoisite mineral rock.
  • Semiprecious stone :   Precious Ruby  (natural)
  • Size: approx 7mm beads 

Ruby the corundum Japmala is flawlessly strung This real Ruby string in a knotted line is so made that even if the line brakes the beads are not lost. The beautiful string is said to enhance the confidence of the user and strengthens the willpower. The Ruby actively stimulates the Base Chakra increasing vitality or Chi the Life force of the body and moves the energy towards the Soul body of the user.It is well experienced that the use of Ruby has increased the focus of many a users thereby motivating them in Lifel. Leads to self confidence & peeps up the user.