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Chakra healing crystals set of 7


  • Name:  Chakra healing set of 7 stones 
  • Sku: CH Set 07   
  • Color: Natural  multi colors 
  • Appearance: a little change in the appearance of the stones is possible from those depicted in the pictures as they are all natural and uncut tumbles.
  • Semiprecious stone :  quartz (natural)
  • You get : 6 crystals for 6 chakra plus 5 crystal Amethyst Grid made of 1 Pyramid and 4 pencils -  to work on the awakening of third eye
  • Zodiac: n/a
  • Metal : Natural stones Agate
  • Gross Wt in gms : 180 gms approx

  • Metaphysical effects:  Healing stone of internal wisdom good to  get deep healing effects during meditation/ works on third eye level The grid can be used for Long distance healing as well. The Reiki healers and the Shivyog Sanjeevani healers for a special effects in combination with the Grid will keep working on the healing of a person or a cause long after the Healing/Meditation is over.The picture gives the order of use of the Crystals .Crown chakra  Sahastra chakra is found at top of the head, Third eye chakra or Ajana Chakra is found at middle of the forehead, throat chakra or Vishudhi Chakra is found at the throat, heart chakra or Aanhatha chakra is found at the heart, Solar Plexus chakra or Manipur chakra located at the Solar Plexus / between the end points of the rib cage, Sacral chakra the Swadishtana chakra or is found at the below the belly button on the right,Root chakra or  Mooladhara chakra is located at the spine base