New Handcrafted figurines made of Natural Gemstones Lucky Wealth excelling "Jade" are available

Cats eye shilingam


  • Name: Cats eye Shilingam (The stones are natural and handcrafted ) 
  • Sku:    
  • Color: Natural cane juice greenish colors
  • Semiprecious stone :  quartz (natural)
  • You get : Beautiful handcrafted and traditional silinite quartz
  • Metal : Stone with gold leaf work
  • Net Wt in cts : cts approx

  • Metaphysical effects: stone of attracting wealth and opens doors of a persons heart to friendship and acceptance removes the Ketu dosh in the horoscope of an individual.Worship Shivalinga supreme nature of Mahadeva a feature of Hindu religion & the detailed mentioin can be referred through scriptures like: Atharvaveda, Ling Purana, Shiv Purana.....