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Buddha in Labradorite


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  • Name: Labradorite Buddha Head
  • sku: Labradorite Buddha Head-2250
  • Color: Natural grey blueish greenish colors with strokes of yellow that are the natural attributes of a Feldspar Labdorite
  • Semiprecious stone :  Natural
  • You get :Inspired by the cosmic presence of the holy Buddha, it is suggested that the followers of peace & stability of human minds may use the Labradorite rock crafted as a Buddha head.

  • Metal : Stone with gold blue peacock sheen is a beautiful peace for the Mental of Home or Office.
  • Net Wt in gms : 2250 gms approx
  • Size: 7.5x5 inches

  • Metaphysical effects: Labradorite is  the most powerful protector of the mineral. Uncover the magic of changing mind sets with the change in the vibrations of the space you live in. Do take plunge in the creative ways of spiritual energy uplift. Individuals who meditate for endless times may fall in the category of those who are accompanied by the energy of Labradorite. The healing abilities of the cosmic energy are tremendous.