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Amythest Shivlingam & Ganesha

5,050.00 4,125.00

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Name; Amythest Shivlingam & Ganesha

  • Color: Purple transparent it is a mineral rock so their will be of a natural tone and color waves in light to dark spectrum
  • Semiprecious stone :   Precious Amythest (natural)
  • Size: H 3.25 cm x W 3 cm x D 2.5cm Ganesha
  • Net Wt in cts : 1000 CTS/ 200gms approx /collective wt.of the Ganesha Shivlingam figurines )
  • You get : Beautiful handcrafted and traditional Temple of Ganesha & Shivlingam idols. 
  • Metal : N/A
  • Stone: Amethyst
  • Metaphysical effects: Super powers

Concept: Ganesha/Binayak/Chatrabhuja are the few names of the Hindu God is suggested to give an open passage to the seeker to be able to remove all obstacles in his/her path of manifestation of desires Shiva the lord of ultimate bliss is represented as Shivlingam, Shivlinga/Shivlingam is the form of the the 1st Adi Yogi and evokes pure consciousness. Shivlingam is the form of infinite diminsion of cosmos. As per the Greek mythology Amethyst would prevent intoxication, brings calm to an angry mind & relieves frustrated passions. Amethyst is for sure a stone of spiritual protection & purification. It stimulates the crown chakra and unwinds the negative fields of attachments.

The combination of Ganesha & Shivlingam in Amethyst signify an unstoppable process of awakening the consciousness of a Living being, as the subtle vibrations of the Amethyst help opening the energy center/chakra. Making the owner raise beyond the need of supportive addictions, to focus on self-healing, cosmic understanding and fulfillment. Ganesha Shivlingam combination, is used in Home decor a charm giving progress to the people and establishment where it is placed. 

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