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Amythest crystal grid


  • Name: Amethyst Power Grid with Chakra healing stones ( All stones are natural and approximately the same type and energetic healing crystals) A single set of Crystal can be helpful to change the energy of the body chakra - the power generator is particularly good for creative people, students working for exams where creative imagination is or those working on the third eye level.
  • Sku: AC PG01   
  • Color: Natural grey blue with light of multi colors inside
  • Semiprecious stone :  quartz (natural)
  • You get : 6 crystals for 6 chakra plus 5 crystal Amethyst Grid made of 1 Pyramid and 4 pencils -  to work on the awakening of third eye
  • Zodiac: n/a
  • Metal : German silver
  • Gross Wt in gms : 200 gms approx

  • Metaphysical effects:  stone of internal wisdom good to  get deep healing effects during meditation/ works on third eye level The grid can be used for Long distance healing as well. The Reiki healers and the Shivyog Sanjeevani healers will notice a special effectivity in useing the combination as the Grid will keep working on the healing of a person or a cause long after the Healing/Meditation is over.