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History has screened an ounce of Gold been traded by

Africans and Americans for equal amount of Natural Salt      

The Rock Salt Crystals found in the deep caves of Himalayan Mountains have absorbed mineral elements that enrich them and give them their delicate tones.

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The.Mystic Power of Traditional Pink Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

Traditionally Pink Himalayan Rock Salt and Other form of Volcanic black salt are used for protection in general and protection from evil, especially protection of the home. Himalayan Rock Salt is used for purification and dispelling negativity in many magical and traditional rituals. It is also used for extending clairvoyance.  Himalayan Salts are used to release attachments, including emotional attachments.  It has gentle but strong grounding and centering energies.

All types of Natural salts are related to the Earth element. Pink Himalayan Rock Salt is said to be excellent for both physical and emotional heart problems.

Natural Sea salts are often considered the best for purification, and are related to the Water element as well as Earth

Natural volcanic black salts (lava salts) are related to the Fire Element as well as Earth, and are used in spells and energy work for obtaining desires, manifestation, and releasing.

Himalayan Natural Pink Salt with its magical properties is a wonderful stone for protection and purification, so when kept as a product of utility like a Salt Lamp does the act of healing the environment in general. This coarse ground is good for surrounding an area to be protected or purification rituals or to be carried in a pouch. Himalayan salt for many a hundred years has been used for clearing excess or removing negative energy from my hands when doing crystal healing or tarot readings.