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Natural Crystals Gemstones and Minerals for Self Empowerment


Healing gemstones Therapy 

Why use healing gemstones?

Healing gemstones Therapy can be used for relieving human body form various disorders. Be it a trouble with the reproductive area in body or the Respiratory System or the Vascular system of the body or the Cardiovascular stress or Endocrine system or Digestive.The browsers can opt for practical use courses where the methods of acquiring the vibrations from the gemstones are guided to people.

How to unleash my energy?

The gift of a healing crystal will be a real energy source to give you the true essence of being incredible. In case you are in lack of a mental state you may use Turquoise or more readily found Blue Lace Agate so that the vibrations modify the Vishudhi chakra/ Larynx-throat chakra to have your words work like spell that creates. As you willingly agree to work with a stone the universe pushes you to get there. Always expect the best & a possibility of great happening & opportunities will come your way. Do a communication with your DNA with a combination of Ruby Zoisite so that the wisdom of the Earth gives you grounding power with openness to accept at heart.

Why is the personal Chakra kit Important?

Personal Chakra kit is essential because it is wand to rewind health. Health Action Reaction Communication of an individual is defined by the status of the chakra. The behavior of an living being towards the world around him is a reflection of the state of health of his Chakras. The main Chakras most defined in the books of yoga for health are seven, although there are several chakras in a body. We recommend the use of healing stones as they are useful, in taking up the healing of the chakra inn a very subtle way. All organs of a human body are linked with the chakras, which are interlinked with each other so when one heals the other aligning chakra also gets to reach a state of health. It is also clear in the field of energy that the external organs the senses that are linked with the chakras. To alien these organs & the chakras there are processes of Gems therapy where right from the mental depression to the guilt feeling can be taken care off. Traditionally the organ the systems the endocrine skeletal circulatory …can all be influenced by the sensory perceptions as well as the gemstones that vibrate to bring about a balance in the body at a subtle level. Therefore at every level one needs to identify the right stone to be able to solve a problem.  

What are the healing stones for improving energy at times of depression?

Translucent Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. For those not been able to love yourself due to guilt or anger, this sympathetic stone brings forgiveness and self-acceptance. When you love yourself, the way opens to attract a lover and Rose Quartz joyfully assists. To my experience the Rose quartz when comes in contact in the form of a sphere will project its radiations all over the space & the biggest advantage of the stone is it takes an individual to the state where the original cause of the problem lies, this could be in the form or unresolved family understanding or unresolved feelings or even a pending karma.

A good combination can be with Aventurine Quartz. Aventurine is a matrix with fuchsite it sparkles Green light of comfort. Green Aventurine activates, clears and protects the heart, enhancing your ability to attract love and increasing empathy. It’s a wonderful stone for mature love. The stone will take the stress of place time and possibility off the mind of the person using Aventurine.The Prana energy is synchronized with the Aventurine quartz's vibration and brings about a mind opening understanding. Remember to have an Aventurine Quartz comes into an environment before a person works with Rose quartz. It gives the feeling of unwinding and there occurs a natural ability to understand the message of self supporting Rose quartz.

How Crystals can resolve issue for self-Love & lead a great Life.

If a person’s Self-worth is a struggle, than there is a struggle in Life. Remember to be an empowered one needs to raise Guru/ Master Right within thyself. Self-love is focus on Love & not on the resources. Unakite Jasper is combination of Green Epidote & Red- Jasper & Pink-Feldspar is a stone for sparkle of lasting love, one that opens the heart, releases a person off depression, healing harmonious relationship.

What crystal can help build good relations while working with Family & Friends?

Unakite Jasper inculcates healthy relationships through balanced emotions. It encourages harmonious partnerships, both in love & in business as the stone itself is a marriage between minerals Jasper & Epidote. Unakite is especially helpful for working closely with a relative or friend where positive personal interactions are vital.

What stone combination can help to build cosmic understanding?

Amethyst & Rose Quartz combination is amazing as they two work towards the astral understanding with a calm so that the individual is not struck surprised as the astral travel occurs. While the Rose quartz brings a love frequency from within, the Amethyst balances the sleep issue. These fine mineral structures are helpful for our physical body to move towards balance. Everything from release of headache, joy of happiness is a balance of energy between the individual person's mind body soul with use the crystals. Crystals have been used since times unknown & the secret geometry that the Crystal patterns are in the form of sphere Merkaba wands..... The thoughts & emotions can be read by the crystals they have very stable structures THEY MUST BE USED WITH THE RIGHT INTENTION OF Love Light & Happiness. I have personally felt the energy or healing comes from within with the help of great friends of humanity the Crystals or Healing stones.

Geetanjali k khanna (Gemstherapist Energy Healer)

Why use Crystals?

People since ancient times use crystals as they have gentle remedies at subtle level which have no ill-effects when used by daily life bearers. Healing crystals for you could be Smokey topaz or Obsidian or a Black Tourmaline if the physic smog needs to be cleaned. On the other hand if you are trying to change the habit of an addiction than Amethyst Scapolite Iolite Green Aventurine combination with Amythest ......  

Do you suffer depression & want to try an alternate remedy?

Yes than Crystals are there to heal you & plug you out of the sleeplessness.

What can be used for balancing Chakras?

The crystals can be used for balancing chakras. As the chakra are harmonized due to the vibrational effects of the healing crystals 7 Gems it is seen that the ailment is no longer a difficulty to deal with.

why use Indian Gods as energy gemstones?

Idea is to contemporize the mythology which is living part of human existence in India. It is not just faith most figures of Gods are geometrical representation of the energy that they are associated with. Ganesha we display to the maximum as he is the Lord of wisdom & Prosperity.. The neurons of the Elephants & Fish are the most intelligent so there is a great significance when the healing stones are structures as Ganesha for the world to get added advantage of his association with gems & animals that represent them. Ganesha is Gana + isha is a phenomena there the name itself reflect the power combination of Gana the beings who have ability for transformation & Isha is Shiva himself. A series of Ruby Ganesha are created for the liberation with Ganesha. Also the Ganesha is also the visible form in the set of kundalini the serpent-energy with in human body.

Why is the stone of Optimism & Self Confidence important?

Magnetic field of Heart is 5000 times more than that of the Mind. So if an individual wishes to rise to Abundance or gain Success to unimaginable height for this a person needs to grow vibrations of the heart, for expansion of heart chakra or his Anahata is a must. Ralph Smart has exemplified the fact in many a ways. In the traditional Wavelength of spirituality we have always seen that the spiritualist gives blessings from the heart & it works. The today's expert energy healer Geetanjali k khanna recommends an extra dose of healing Aventurine in Green color to yield a higher level frequency where the Anahatha Chakra or the Heart Chakra & get it functional. Here recomendation is a total awareness will occurs as we get in touch with our self from the input of radiations of Quartz that can be helpful to remind the user who he or she really is. Green Aventurine stone found in India is most common. The Aventurine green color is from the inclusion of Fuchsite, a type of Mica. Although this is hard to see in photos of Fuchsite inclusions, the stone is a quite sparkly reflective stone, but it is the Fuchsite that has a Devic energy. Green Aventurine stones have the ability to absorb environmental pollution. As written by Judy Halls in here articles general energy of a building will be improved by having this green quartz crystal.  Geetanjali K Khanna has drawn excellent results by placing the large sized chunks or Aventurine statutes that create an energy field to open the Heart Chakra thereby improving the Mind state & influencing the health & thinking process towards prosperity. It is also suggested that the use of such healing crystal is far more effective in LIFE IMPROVING deeds than spending money over breaking or redesigning buildings in order to get Vastu remedies. Aventurine deflects of geological stress of a building one lives in or works from

How to make a shift see beyond the illusion of the world?

Crystals help a person to move at mind & emotional level. As all humans need to preserve the energy & experience the Crystal media. Let the guidance of the crystals give a path through the peace of mind. Kyanite, Labradorite are few crystals useful as wisdom stones. Students or academic tions may Study Tigereye or Pyrite if they needs better span of attention. In case need to build on self esteem inorder to get the surrounding of people who remind you who you really are,for this a yellow calcite can be very supportive crystal. Help yourself to make your dominant thoughts into experience by manifestation with Yellow sapphires of AAA+ quality. With the internal growth you are able to take life easy… Accept the good & bad alike, day is action & night is the romance with your own abilities. Use Clear crystals to move into the depth of a transformation.

How to do your way out of a weak state?

 Ruby Zoisite – empower yourself with a tool that keeps connection with the earth & also balances the heart chakra so that the physical reality is met with while you can smile inwards & grow infinitely.

Use awakening symbols of the ancients. 

Alien your chakras allow a total body awareness heal your gut. Tune into the magic of a moment in case you are personally short of energy, 1st accept yourself the way you are & try on a healing crystal Carnelian & let go the rest. With the vibrations of Carnelian have energy be joy that will get you a new self.Carnelian increases personal power & physical energy gives courage & boosts creativity & compassion. Mentally Carnelian focuses analytical capabilities and helps meditation by allowing deeper concentration & giving a restful physical state.The constant use of Carnelian will give the habit of using boosting words with this a combination of Amethyst grid will create a great set of vibration for a radical action.

How to become a super alchemist?

Listen to the sounds of Silence, by getting into the window of a Calcite ball is a way to tuning our self-free from the normal belief system to a state where you lose your mind & reprogram the subconscious mind & raise a natural bio rhythm. Become an active creative body which is defied by non-other than you.  Change the story of your Life- get a practical lab of nature home. Let the greatest version of thy self-get upgraded with a self-Love. For 1st 30 days feel the energy of Aventurine. If you are unable to go to the Nature or the mountains get home some geodes of white crystals, push in the definition of a new possibility you take an excess of the most valuable ancient Rocks & Minerals as a new members of your expansion team. 

How to attract with your Mind effortlessly?

To be able to attract mind effortlessly focus is the most important. Looking at Focus, ensure a Skull of Pyrite, after you have lived a while in companionship with Smoky crystals as Necklace around your neck. This is a clearing of mind process. Apply the Seven principle of Success – 1stly know that the Rig Vedas have to say that by “The Law of Pure Potentiality” get in touch with pure potentiality & things will create. You may trust on the existence of the natural healing crystals for at least 30 minutes for a month morning evening just make company with the your Crystal stones. Communicate with the Nature soundlessly enjoy the potential of Crystals that lay buried under the Earth for a more than a thousand & hundreds of years. Enjoy the presence of Life static- non static just the way it is.

2ndly work on,"The Law of Giving & Receiving" – this is a process to exchange energy, bless all who have been in the motion to get the valuable stone to you this day. Whenever you go somewhere take along a Gift be it a Prayer or a Crystal. The crystal will be a symbolic to passing joy of Life to people you meet. This is a way to keep the circulation of Chi in flow. Once you open the gates for a free flow of Chi or the shakti the trust in Life appears, depression stress wedds off.

3rd remember "The Law of Karma or Cause and Effect" when you buy a Healing Crystal you get a jewel in your treasure you pay for it. You pay for the Crystals or Gemstones thereby creating earning for all involved in the excavating the minerals. For those who are stuck in the story of why should I give when I do not get – there regrets get away with their Life, so remember if you are giving curses you get disease. Use Tigers Eye for early ages when energy needs direction- for balancing of Life energy at the Swadisthana or the second major energy center of the body. For people who are students & experience sexuality is taking time for work into fantasy or physicality Tigers eye is a supporting stone for focus on the Goals of studies.

Next when you are attuned to the crystal you give way to the connection with Nature, "The Law of Least Effort" flows. When you are in calm state of mind, the effective co-creator sparks in you. Gifting of Quartz is an excellent idea for the flow of prosperity. Accept your present moment as the best that it could be, once you accept you state of health wealth or prosperity circumstances it means the responsibility build in. A person can operate very well from the post of a responsible individual rather than one who is always taking commands from the events of Life. A Botswana Blue Lace Agate is good to operate at the level of emotions and conscious communication. Blue Lace Agate can be worked in combination with Jade that helps to open the heart chakra or the welcome state in you. Get yourself in a defenseless mode as the kal or time will do things when it needs too.

Further on Mind mill towards,"The Law of Intention and Desire".It works only when you have the list of desires written by you, keep them fixed in the center of a Crystal Grid. As you sit down to meditate with the crystals a Nero pathway will be formed the voice of inside will appear to guide you or a synchronicity will take its course to show up a path for its fulfillment but have faith or just acknowledge the call of knowingness from within.  

The position of "The Law of Detachment" has been feared due to misunderstanding by many. Banish all fears have a Manipura chakra empowerment stone, practice tuning it with a Vedic chant you will find that the resonance from the chant will multiply many fold to give you the stability removing the guilt & fear. Detachment here is in reference to keeping a distance with the fear of future results of our action. Have no expectations. When in doubt, makes us miserable & we stress out the level of peace & ruin the soil of germination where our thoughts harvest by every now an than checking with other whether or not we will succeed. Do not ever thing of the getting back a vault of goodies in response to the pearls you distribute  as the nature knows how to balance the karma.

Can I serve or Can I help myself or anyone else is the point to ask thyself when you attain "The Law of Dharma". This is to be in service to one’s own self or being in service to anyone else by an effective sharing listening or giving of something for which you will not charge. The Law of Dharma or Purpose in Life is a must if you wish to enjoy on this Earth get the presence of a red jasper or a energetic carnelian if you are feeling an energy drain & are building a purpose in Life.