New Handcrafted figurines made of Natural Gemstones Lucky Wealth excelling "Jade" are available

How We Got Started

Love for Traditional Power Symbols understanding & devotion for nature's power that makes   “Man a Superhuman" encouraged the development of a saga of power styles & utility stuff. offers a comprehensive range of Healing crystals & all the products that can take you to the next level in the journey of Life. Crystals & healing gems are expressed in the form of metaphysical values of the power range we display of products that symbolize the ancient series of Vedic symbols & text that can be used or read along with the affordable buy of the Range of Vedic Tantra Mantra series of Metalcraft, Handicraft & Energy craft.

Our sole agenda is to create the interesting goods, articles reflecting the power signatures of divine value. We offer meaningful products to our visitors, goods that can be of use as personal care and healing or handicrafts for fashion and style enhancement.  In either case our objective is to make our clients build a canopy of protection and blessings of Vedic wealth in category Utility craft and Leather craft.

The desire to raise the Human consciousness gave way to the existing range of products on the divinity of Ma Shakti, Ma Lalitatripura Sundari. An exuberance of creative diffusion between now world and the than evolved eternal understanding. Simple Shivlaingam represent the human body space. Every chakra that evolves energy pattern with a unique sound has many more unfolded knowledgeable tracks that can be used for healing of human body or removing unwanted energy blocks. A mouse pad with inlay of Shiva tatva gives the user a special high as he acknowledges the power Mantra and the Symbol of art.  More and more the products feature they spread the whole science of a system that changes not just the style of an individual but a system that creates evolution from within. Sri Yantra wish giving celestial crafts on the Bags, Passport covers and travel accessories.  We have an addition of utility bags, travel accessory besides our healer kits of crystals etc. in our range. This gives the serious believers of traditional Vedic concepts an easy access to their requirements.